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Corporate/Commercial: East Coast (PRC Firms)

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Chambers Research is conducted by 200 Research Analysts, across 200 jurisdictions and provides nearly 6,000 rankings tables. Annually we collect hundreds of thousands of responses from clients, the majority via in-depth interview. Learn more about our methodology.

What the team is known for

Offers a wide network of offices across the country, particularly strong in the East Coast regions, including Tianjin, Jinan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Nanjing. Highly regarded for its knowledge of domestic capital markets, with expertise in matters ranging from asset-based securities to bonds and public listings. Clients also seek its advice in relation to M&A, corporate structuring, investment funds, and private equity issues. Regularly receives insolvency mandates in Zhejiang province. The Fuzhou office often acts on project finance and governance issues. Remains a popular choice of counsel for major SOEs. Active in commercial dispute resolution, representing clients before courts at all levels.

Work highlights

Acted for Kinglai Hygienic Materials for its public offering of convertible corporate bonds worth CNY280 million.

Notable practitioners





Li Bin is a"well-known" practitioner who "has strong business abilities," says one source. He operates a market-leading real estate and construction practice and offers notable expertise in arbitration proceedings.

李滨 律师被一位市场评论员评价为“非常知名”和“有很强商业能力”。他拥有市场领先的房地产和建筑工程业务,并提供仲裁程序方面的突出专业能力。

Li Chun is a veteran partner based in the Shenzhen office with a long track record in the market. He boasts nearly four decades of experience as a lawyer, and in particular is an expert on capital markets transactions and agricultural law.

李淳 律师是深圳分所的资深合伙人,从业履历深厚。他拥有近四十年担任律师的经验,尤其是资本市场交易和农业法领域的专家。

Ma Guoqiang is a veteran transactional lawyer who is also managing partner of the Nanjing office. "Ma Guoqiang has been working for a very long time," notes one admiring interviewee, further remarking that "he is a very experienced and famous practitioner."

马国强 律师是一位资深交易律师,并担任南京分所管理合伙人。一位敬佩他的受访者评价说: “马律师从业时间非常长”,并进一步指出“他是一位经验非常丰富的知名律师。”

Ma Jun is a Hangzhou-based partner who is well regarded in the local market for his restructuring and insolvency practice. He also handles a wide range of other transactional legal matters, including intellectual property, real estate and construction, and international trade.

杭州分所合伙人 马骏 律师在当地法律市场凭借重组和破产业务而备受好评。他还处理包括知识产权、房地产、建筑工程和国际贸易等范围广泛的其他交易法律事务。

Liu Naijin concentrates on fund formation and private equity, and is a popular choice as legal counsel mandated by private and state-owned funds. He is noted as a solid practitioner with "good communication and coordination skills" by one client, who appreciates that "he is familiar with the business and regulations" in the private equity sector.

刘乃进 律师专注于基金设立和私募股权,是私募和国有基金法律顾问的热门人选。他被一位客户评价为“有良好沟通协和调技巧”的业务扎实律师,该客户欣赏在私募股权领域里 “他对商业和法规很熟悉”。

Executive partner Yu Ningjie is an eminent practitioner in the Fujian market and singled out for his strength in handling complex dispute resolution cases. He additionally acts as arbitrator at several arbitration institutions such as CIETAC.

执行合伙人 于宁杰 律师是福建法律市场的杰出执业人员,处理复杂争议解决案件的实力尤为突出。他另外亦在中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会等多家仲裁机构担任仲裁人。

Sun Shouxia is based in the Jinan office and focuses her practice on project and infrastructure financing. She is equally experienced and active in commercial litigation and arbitration. "She is an excellent lawyer," affirms one market peer.

济南分所的 孙守遐 律师专注于项目和基础设施融资业务。她同样活跃于商事诉讼和仲裁领域,拥有丰富经验。一位业内同行评价说: “她是一位出色的律师。”

Liang Shuang is a rising star with a strong offering in private equity funds, public listings and bond issuance mandates. She is praised as a"very vigorous and courageous" practitioner who is "very dedicated and has good professional abilities."

梁爽 律师是一位冉冉上升的新星,在私募股权基金、公开上市和债券发行领域拥有强大的业务。她被称赞为一位“非常充满活力和有魄力的”律师,且“做事非常专注并有良好的专业能力”。

Shen Tianfeng is an influential figure within Zhejiang legal circles and continues to turn his hand to front line projects on occasion. He is especially noted for his expertise in IPOs and insolvency cases.

沈田丰 律师是浙江法律界里具有影响力的人物,并继续在前线项目中发挥其作用。他在IPO和破产案件的专业能力尤其受到关注。

Bai Xianyue is widely viewed as a prominent figure in the Tianjin market. He provides representation in litigation and arbitration cases and is particularly highly rated for his handling of multi-jurisdictional mandates.

白显月 律师被广泛认可为天津法律市场里一位杰出的人物。他在诉讼和仲裁案件中代表客户,并因处理跨法域事务而尤其受到高度好评。

Yao Zhongkai is "a leading person" at Grandall's Fuzhou office, according to a commentator, who remarks that "Yao represents large corporations and has a very good service." He has considerable experience in a variety of civil and commercial disputes and also ably handles criminal defence cases.

姚仲凯 律师被一位评论者认为是国浩福州分所的“领军人物”,并进一步指出“姚律师代表大型企业并提供非常优秀的服务。”他拥有处理各类民事和商业纠纷的大量经验,也善于处理刑事辩护案件。

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Corporate/Commercial: East Coast (PRC Firms)

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Chambers Research is conducted by 200 Research Analysts, across 200 jurisdictions and provides nearly 6,000 rankings tables. Annually we collect hundreds of thousands of responses from clients, the majority via in-depth interview. Learn more about our methodology.


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