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Our Litigation and Arbitration practice area has a team of with solid technical knowledge and wide experience in all types of matters, which allows us to always design the most legally convenient and economically efficient strategy for the client, regardless of the complexity of the assignment and the business sector involved.
Our Arbitration team is made up of a group of highly qualified professionals specialized in the resolution of disputes before the most prestigious national courts of arbitration. Some of our lawyers also serve as arbitrators in the aforementioned courts of arbitration.
Our areas of activity in the field of Litigation and Arbitration are:
Validity, interpretation and enforcement of commercial and non-commercial contracts.
Contractual and non-contractual liability claims.
Termination and rescission of contracts.
Liability of directors, auditors and managers.
Commercial distribution, agency, supply and franchise contracts.
Challenging company resolutions and all types of corporate conflicts.
Disputes related to contractor agreements and work for hire agreements.
Procedures for the adoption of interim measures, including those taken in support of judicial or arbitral proceedings.
Proceedings for the enforcement of judgments.
Proceedings to vacate, correct, modify and enforce national arbitration awards.
Proceedings for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards.