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Private Equity: Buyouts & Venture Capital Investment (PRC Firms) Department

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We have accumulated rich experience in USD denominated investment and RMB denominated investment fields, and have carried out in-depth and detailed researches on the establishment of red chip structure (including VIE structure) and USD fund direct investment structure. We have experience in helping clients carry out project due diligence, legal assessment and transaction execution in significant industries including financial services, internet, high technology, media, culture & entertainment, consumer goods, real estate, healthcare, franchises and manufacturing.

We have not only rich experience in representing investors, but also have abundant case experience in representing financing firms and founders. With a deep understanding of the best legal practices and development trends of each investment term, we know how to strike the best and effective balance of interests in terms negotiation and realize all-win results. Vast practical experience and industrial background knowledge allow us to enhance value in every process of client investment cycle.