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Gilbert LLP is a Washington, DC-based law firm focused on insurance recovery and litigation and on strategic consulting. Whether it’s strategic advice, negotiation or litigation, the firm approaches all matters with the goal of creating a tailored, cost-effective solution to the problems at hand. The firm brings creativity, strategic thinking and substantial experience to every matter it handles.


Gilbert, Scott D (Head of Department)

Frazier, Heather

Girgenti, John

Glaeberman, Marnie

Grim, Emily

Hansen, Kristiné

Hatley, Michael

Hudson, Jenna

Jones, Tarsha

Kassekert, Rebecca

Kronowitz, Rachel

Litherland, Craig

Massarsky, Benjamin

Meringolo, Peter

Miller, Samantha

Orr, Bette

Packman, Mark

Quinn, Kami

Rubinstein, Jason

Rush, Michael

Shore, Richard

Winstead, Hunter

Wolf, Daneil


Insurance Recovery