Fangda Partners

Intellectual Property Department

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What the team is known for Maintains a leading position in the IP market. Provides a full range of services to clients, specialising in heavyweight patent, copyright and trade mark infringement, as well as trade secret cases. Particularly experienced in handling various patent infringement matters in the IT, computer science, pharmaceutical and telecommunications sectors. Assists clients at all levels of court, including regional IP courts, district courts and the IP tribunal of the Supreme Court. Also offers advice on managing IP portfolios. Enviable client list includes a number of Fortune 500 companies and leading domestic companies.

Strengths Clients applaud the outstanding team which "demonstrates deep understanding in both Chinese and US legal cultures."

Sources also highlight its litigation experience, with one client reporting: "They are very experienced in litigation. They have good strategies and take into consideration various factors and issues."

Work highlights Represented Astellas Pharma in a number of patent infringement disputes with Chinese generic drug companies before various courts in China.

Notable practitioners

业务优势 该团队保持了其在知识产权市场上的领先地位。为客户提供全面的服务,专长于重量级的专利、版权、商标侵权以及商业秘密案件。在科技、计算机科学、制药和电信领域里处理各种专利侵权事宜方面特别有经验。在各级法院为客户提供协助, 包括地区知识产权法院、地区法院和最高人民法院知识产权法庭。还就知识产权组合管理提供建议。令人羡慕的客户名单包括许多财富500强公司和领先的国内企业。

团队强项 客户赞扬该出色的团队“展示了对中美法律文化的深度理解。”


业务亮点 代表安斯泰来制药处理与数个中国仿制药公司进行的多项专利侵权纠纷,涉及中国多个法院。


Dixon Zhang
has built his reputation in the IP arena for offering expert advice to multinational companies on patent infringement matters. He is also equipped to handle unfair competition and trade mark issues.


Qi Fang
is an experienced practitioner who handles various patent and trade mark cases. His client roster includes life sciences and telecommunications corporations.


Gordon Gao
remains a renowned figure in the IP arena. He has a solid track record of working with US-based clients, assisting them with patent and trade mark litigation.


Hans She
enters the table this year owing to recognition for his IP practice. He ably handles copyright and unfair competition related litigation.


Alexandra Yang
has "solid and industry-leading expertise in the field," according to clients. She is well versed in dealing with an array of IP matters, especially patent infringement cases, for multinational clients.

律师“在此领域具有扎实且行业领先的专业知识。” 她精通于为跨国客户处理一系列的知识产权事务,尤其是专利侵权案件。