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Dispute Resolution Department

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What the team is known for A market leader with expertise in handling a wide variety of complex contentious matters. Strong track record of acting on high-value commercial litigation and arbitration, with a focus on corporate, investment, real estate, IP and employment disputes. Also advises on administrative lawsuits, assisting clients in responding to investigations initiated by the authorities. Enviable client base which includes an array of major domestic companies, foreign corporations and banks. Has notable experience in advising on disputes involving offshore structures. In addition to its prowess in domestic courts, the team also offers vast experience in international arbitration cases, regularly representing clients before HKIAC, SIAC and the ICC.

Strengths One impressed client reports: "They have great insight into the commercial world - they understand what the company wants and what the client wants to achieve. They have rich resources and a platform to serve the clients. We admire and respect them a lot."

Another source considers the practitioners to be "trustworthy partners," explaining: "They are efficient and effective. Some criminal law elements are involved in the cases and they have the right expertise to bring into the matters."

Work highlights Acted for LIXIL on a cross-jurisdictional dispute arising from Joyou Group's alleged financial manipulation; the concerned entity was indirectly acquired by LIXIL. The practice handled several proceedings for the client, including a tort litigation against the founders of Joyou Group before a PRC court, as well as related litigation and arbitration proceedings in Germany and Luxembourg.

Notable practitioners

业务优势 该团队是市场领导者,拥有处理各类复杂争议性问题的专业能力。在处理高价值商业诉讼和仲裁方面有着强大履历,专注于公司、投资、房地产、知识产权和就业纠纷。同时为行政诉讼提供咨询,协助客户应对政府机关发起的调查。拥有令人称羡的客户群,包括一系列大型国内外公司和银行。拥有处理离岸结构纠纷的显著经验。除了在国内法庭表现出色,该团队还提供国际仲裁的丰富经验,经常在香港国际仲裁中心、国际商会和亚太仲裁中心代表客户。

团队强项 一位对其印象深刻的客户说到: “他们对于商业世界有着非常深刻的观察——他们理解公司的需求以及客户想要实现的目标。他们拥有丰富的资源和服务客户的平台。我们对于他们团队非常的佩服和尊重。”

另一位受访者认为该团队的律师们是“值得信赖的伙伴,”并解释道: “他们非常的高效率且有成效。案件中涉及到一些刑事因素,他们具有恰当的专业知识来将其囊括其中。”

业务亮点 在中宇厨卫涉嫌财务操纵引起的跨法域诉讼案件中代理骊住集团, 该有关实体被骊住集团间接收购。该团队为客户处理了多起诉讼,包括在中国法院向中宇厨卫创始人提起的侵权诉讼,以及在德国和卢森堡的相关诉讼和仲裁程序。


Benjamin Miao
offers advice on litigation and arbitration cases, and continues to act for foreign entities from various industries such as energy and automobiles. One client considers him "a calm and strategic lawyer."


Daniel Huang
is regarded as "a longstanding lawyer handling commercial litigation and arbitration cases" within the firm. He maintains a notable practice covering financial and corporate disputes, and is regularly mandated by domestic and foreign entities.


Considered "a big name in the market,"
Helen Shi
remains a counsel of choice for many high-stakes arbitration and litigation cases, acting for clients from various sectors such as energy and media. Her expertise in cases considered in SIAC and HKIAC is particularly noteworthy, with sources remarking: "She is very influential in the international arbitration arena."

律师仍然是许多高风险仲裁和诉讼案件的首选律师,代理包括能源和媒体等各个领域的客户。她在处理新加坡国际仲裁中心和香港国际仲裁中心案件上的专业知识尤其获得关注,受访者评价道: “她在国际仲裁领域非常有影响力。”

Melody Wang
is experienced in advising on litigation and contentious regulatory compliance cases. She gains praise from clients for her services, with one saying: "She is willing to accommodate clients' requests and needs. No matter how urgent the matter is or how tight the timeframe is, she always delivers." She makes her debut in the rankings this year.

律师在代理诉讼和争议性的合规案件上具有丰富经验。她的服务得到了客户的赞赏,其中一位说到: “她乐于满足客户的要求和需要。无论事情有多紧急或时间多么紧迫,她都可以完成工作。”她在今年的榜单中首次亮相。

Kang Ming
is regarded as a well-reputed lawyer in the market, with vast experience in M&A and commercial agreement-related cases heard before CIETAC. He is also noted for his role as an arbitrator.


Seasoned practitioner
Ji Nuo
has considerable expertise undertaking disputes arising from M&A transactions and other commercial agreements. "The well-respected and pragmatic lawyer" continues to draw instructions from domestic entities and state-owned enterprises.

律师在代理由并购和其他商业协议引起的诉讼案件上具有大量的专业知识。该 “受人尊敬和务实的律师”继续受到国内公司和国有企业委托工作。