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chambers review
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Chambers Research is conducted by 200 Research Analysts, across 200 jurisdictions and provides nearly 6,000 rankings tables. Annually we collect hundreds of thousands of responses from clients, the majority via in-depth interview. Learn more about our methodology.

What the team is known for

Prominent firm with a national network of offices. The Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing offices field particularly strong corporate/commercial offerings. Well regarded for its capabilities in commercial dispute resolution, including arbitration, and insolvency cases. Broad corporate offering with experience in handling contentious and non-contentious matters concerning M&A and equity transfers, loans and investment.


Clients underline how the firm's strength "lies with its wide range of services/offerings, shared collaboration resources and rich local experience," with one client adding: "The lawyers have deep and solid professional backgrounds with rich experience, and they're conscientious and responsible for work with a clear division of labour in the team. At the same time, in the process of participating in project negotiation, in addition to vigorously safeguarding the interests of clients, the team also objectively put forward reasonable suggestions to promote the cooperation between the involved parties." 

Another client adds:"Dentons can integrate partners and lawyers of different specialisms, including lawyers from abroad, to provide us with convenient services."

Notable practitioners



客户强调该所的强项“在于其广泛的服务范围,共享的合作资源和在本土的丰富经验”,其中一位补充说: “该所律师有深入而扎实的专业背景和丰富经验,做事勤勉认真,很负责任,有明确的团队分工。同时,在参与项目谈判的过程中,除了努力维护客户利益,也能提出合理建议,推动与参与各方的合作。”

另一位客户补充道: “大成能整合不同专业领域的合伙人和律师,包括国外的律师,来为我们提供方便的服务。”


Guangzhou-based senior partner Jiang Bin remains a trusted counsel for private equity firms, fund managers and other investors on acquisitions, fund formation and general advisory. He possesses additional experience in insolvency cases.

位于广州的高级合伙人 江斌 律师仍然是私募股权公司、基金经理和其他投资者在收购、基金设立和一般咨询事务上值得信赖的法律顾问。他在处理破产案件方面亦拥有经验。

Chen Feng is "highly legally accomplished, good at communication, and a skilled practitioner," according to a client. He is regularly involved in complex disputes and cross-border corporate projects, and increasingly active in dealing with financing and trust issues.

据一位客户指出, 陈峰 律师 “法律专业非常深厚、善于沟通,是一位技术纯熟的律师。” 他经常参与复杂纠纷和跨境公司项目,并愈发活跃于处理融资和信托事务。

Zhang Jian is the managing partner of the Shenzhen office. He primarily counsels private and listed companies on a number of corporate transactions including acquisitions, real estate projects and investment. He is equally capable of handling related commercial disputes.

张健 律师是深圳分所的管理合伙人。他主要为私营和上市公司处理许多包括收购、房地产项目和投资事务等在内的公司交易。他同时具有处理相关商事纠纷的能力。

Shi Junming is an accomplished financial law expert with a notable specialism in tax law. In addition to being a qualified lawyer, he is also a registered accountant and tax consultant, and has a strong academic background in both law and finance.

史俊明 律师是一位精通金融法律的专家,其税法的专长尤为突出。除担任执业律师,他也是一位注册会计师和税务师,在法律和金融领域有强大的学术背景。

Mi Yongmei handles an impressive range of transactional and contentious financial law mandates from the firm's Nanjing office. "Mi Yongmei is a very capable lawyer," asserts one source, further describing her as "very dedicated and very professional."

芈永梅 律师在南京分所处理各类令人印象深刻的交易和争议性金融法律事务。市场消息指: “芈律师是一位非常有能力的律师”,并进一步形容她“非常专注和专业。”

Shen Yongming is the managing partner of the firm's Nanjing branch office. His area of expertise is dispute resolution. "Shen Yongming is excellent," says one deeply impressed interviewee, adding that his "work skills are strong."

沈永明 律师是该律所南京分所管理合伙人。他的专长领域是争议解决。一位对他印象极为深刻的受访者说: “沈律师非常出色”,并补充说他的“工作技能很强。”

Lu Yuefeng is the managing partner of the Guangzhou office and is famous in the market for his expertise in banking and financing transactions. One admiring interviewee says of him: "He is professional, conscientious and dedicated."

卢跃峰 律师是广州分所的管理合伙人,并以银行和融资交易的专业能力而闻名业界。一位对他充满钦佩的受访者评价说: “他专业、认真和专注。”

Dong Yueying is a corporate partner with a robust practice that covers financial litigation, M&A and general corporate mandates for an impressive array of domestic and foreign clients. She is also sought after for her expertise in due diligence and IP issues relating to acquisitions.

董月英 律师是公司法领域合伙人,代表令人印象深刻的国内外客户处理金融诉讼、并购和一般公司法事务的良好业务。她在与收购相关的尽职调查和知识产权方面的专业能力也受到客户青睐。

Chen Zuoke is noted for his focus on real estate and construction matters, particularly dispute resolution in the aforementioned areas. One interviewee affirms that "he is well known and senior in the Guangdong market."

陈作科 律师因专注于房地产和建筑事务,尤其是上述领域的争议解决事务而闻名。一位受访者肯定地说: “他在广东法律市场非常著名和资深。”

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Chambers Research is conducted by 200 Research Analysts, across 200 jurisdictions and provides nearly 6,000 rankings tables. Annually we collect hundreds of thousands of responses from clients, the majority via in-depth interview. Learn more about our methodology.


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