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Baraona Fischer & Cia offers a unique combination of tax expertise, business experience, creativity and innovation to provide customized solutions for our clients. 

Our tax practice aims to provide useful advice and straight-forward recommendations. We assist tax due-diligence, contingency assessment, transfer pricing national and international structuring, and the tax aspects of valuation models.

Our approach to litigation is strategic conflict resolution. We represent clients throughout the administrative and court proceedings resulting from tax audits, getting involved as early as an initial document request under audit.

Our practice benefits from a highly-qualified tax-compliance team of auditors. In the current environment, our tax-compliance group is an integral part of our practice.


Baraona, Juan Manuel (Head of Department)

Fischer, Alex (Head of Department)

Abuyeres, Alejandro

Acevedo, Nahuel

Collantes, Carolina

Espinoza, Isabel

Franco, Alejandro

Greve, Gert

Menchaca, Antonia

Muñoz, Javiera

Núñez, Aron

Ortega, Juan Cristóbal

Sandoval, Natalia

Valenzuela, Juan Cristóbal

Vásquez, Carlos

Villaman, Francisca