Anti-Bribery & Corruption Department

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Allens' team of specialist anti-bribery lawyers has years of experience advising clients globally. We specialise in drafting and implementing policies and procedures to prevent bribery and in investigations by anti-corruption bodies including the Australian Federal Police, the US Department of Justice and SEC and the UK Serious Fraud Office.

We have conducted a significant number of independent investigations for clients that have identified bribery, fraud, anti-money laundering or related improper financial conduct. This includes ensuring appropriate governance of the independent investigation, conduct of evidence review and advising on legal exposure and remedial steps.

We have considerable experience advising on the implementation of anti-bribery programs with global application across business operations. This includes developing policies, training programs and corporate governance tools that are appropriately tailored to the bribery risk that is faced by your business.

The breadth of our experience across numerous industries and jurisdictions means that we do not simply recommend 'standard' anti-bribery policies that may impinge upon your legitimate business winning practices with unnecessary internal procedures. Instead, we quickly identify areas of high risk in your business, and provide tailored, workable tools to avoid engaging in corrupt conduct. This targeted approach minimises disruption to your business while meeting the compliance expectations of regulators.