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Solicitors deem 3 Raymond Buildings a "very impressive set of chambers" and "a set at the top of its game." Its barristers are renowned for representing government, public authorities and officers, including the police and fire services, as interested parties in numerous high-profile matters such as the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, Westminster Bridge Terror Attack inquests, the Deepcut Barracks inquest, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, and many others. The barristers also represent bereaved families in inquests.

Client service: "The clerks always call back and take a very reasonable and sensible approach to fees. They know the strengths of each counsel and their suitability for each case and are always willing to try to accommodate." Eddie Holland is the senior clerk.

Clair Dobbin
Consistently involved in the most high-profile inquests and inquiries. She chiefly counsels state agents, including police forces and government departments, and also has experience serving as counsel to the inquiry. Her practice has a particular emphasis on inquests relating to prison and police custody deaths.
Strengths: "Called upon when there's a knotty legal problem because she's one of the most cerebral barristers doing this type of work." "She's extremely hard-working, clever and gifted and she applies her public law knowledge highly appropriately to this work." "She can review huge amounts of material in a very short space of time and be decisive about what we should do with it. She's also a very effective advocate."
Recent work: Appeared as counsel to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in its two investigations into the experiences of children living in care in Lambeth and Rochdale.

Hugh Davies QC
Strong choice to represent individual police officers facing considerable scrutiny in inquests and public inquiries, often involving parallel professional discipline proceedings. He is especially experienced in inquests involving police shootings. 
Strengths: "His technical knowledge is unmatched and his approach to each case shows that he is a leader in his field. He manages to pick out elements of the evidence and deal with them in a way that is often not even considered by the other parties involved in the same matter." "Very academic but very calm and good with officers. He's incredibly well prepared and incredibly thorough." "Hugh was a standout. He had the hardest job and did it very well, without being more confrontational than necessary."
Recent work: Represented West Yorkshire Police in all aspects of the Undercover Policing Inquiry.

Hugo Keith QC
Frequently represents individuals, state agents and other participants in sensitive public inquiries and inquests, usually under considerable media attention. His broad expertise includes sensitive police law, terrorism and national security issues. As a renowned criminal silk, he is a particularly popular choice for inquests which involve parallel criminal proceedings. 
Strengths: "As one would expect of a high-quality criminal silk, he's a very impressive courtroom performer and he really gets into the detail and fights hard and well for his client. He handled difficult situations with delicate skill and aplomb."
Recent work: Appeared on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service at the inquests into the Westminster Bridge terrorist attack.

Matthew Butt QC
Respected practitioner with a wide-ranging inquests and inquiries practice. He demonstrates notable strengths in proceedings concerning police conduct, clinical negligence and education. He specialises particularly in the representation of Silver Commanders in inquests relating to police firearms use. His capabilities also include advising on parallel disciplinary and criminal investigations. 
Strengths: "He was good and handled witnesses well." "He played a very big role in the case and served his clients extremely well." "His strengths undoubtedly are his preparation and his advocacy."
Recent work: Represented the former undercover police officer Mark Kennedy in the Undercover Policing Inquiry.

Patrick Gibbs QC
Strong track record of being instructed in the highest-profile inquests and inquiries, particularly where police conduct is under scrutiny. He is well suited to handling inquests which might result in criminal liability or disciplinary action. He routinely appears on behalf of all participants, including state agents and bereaved families.
Strengths: "Patrick is one of the best cross-examiners I've ever seen: he has a beautiful touch in court and there's never a word out of place. He's charming, effective and tough when he needs to be, drawing on his criminal background." "His success rate is phenomenal; he's always consistent." "He was exemplary, hard-working, conscientious and provided good client care."
Recent work: Acted for non-commissioned officers, including the highly criticised training sergeant, at the fresh inquest into the death of Sean Benton at Deepcut Barracks.

Richard Horwell QC
Predominantly represents police forces in sensitive and politically charged public inquiries. He is also instructed by other state agents, including NHS trusts and educational institutions. He additionally advises clients in the aftermath of inquiries, offering guidance through the Maxwellisation process and assisting with the implementation of recommended reforms.
Strengths: "A very strong advocate, who pulls out all the stops in defending clients."
Recent work: Acted for the Metropolitan Police in the inquests into the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack.

Saba Naqshbandi
Represents police forces in proceedings arising out of criminal investigations and deaths in custody. She is also instructed by businesses, hospitals, fire authorities and other parties involved in inquests. 
Strengths: "She's very sensible, capable and strategically sound. She's just what you need for a really sensitive brief."
Recent work: Appeared on behalf of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority in the London Bridge inquests.

Sarah Le Fevre
Represents clients at all stages of the coronial process and in public law challenges arising from the conduct of inquest proceedings. Her expertise encompasses cases concerning health and safety law, police and hospital-related deaths. She has also made a number of notable appearances in public inquiries.
Strengths: "A delightful barrister who has a beautiful advocacy style."
Recent work: Represented individual witnesses in the investigations into the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches undertaken by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Stephen Walsh QC
Recognised in the market for his track record of handling difficult briefs in high-profile inquests and public inquiries. He is routinely instructed by a broad range of core participants, including professional associations, fire brigades and private companies. Walsh's expertise includes health and safety legislation, and the handling of inquests into major disasters.
Strengths: "A reassuring presence who guides clients through large-scale inquiries and inquests." "He has great experience of acting in disaster inquests, and dealing with the complexities of a very difficult job with a lot of humanity." "He's about the most client-friendly silk you'll come across. He's hugely reassuring and really fosters a teamwork mentality."
Recent work: Appeared for the London Fire Brigade in phase one of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.