Partner Jay M.Wallace is quoted in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
article titled, “Retail Revolution Challenges HR.” The piece explores how the
retail workforce composition is changing in light of shifting consumer habits.

Wallace commented that retailers typically have a high percentage
of part-time employees and also independent contractors, central to the
burgeoning “gig economy.” He notes that often employers consider their workers
ied as employees to be “a fungible commodity,” able to be scaled
according to business demands. And, employers will often consider if employee
tasks can be shifted to independent contractors, providing considerable benefit
savings. He cautions, however, that retailers need to be circumspect about the
use of independent contractors as workers whose hours are dic
tated by
managers may not meet the federal definition of the classification.

Regarding the change in retail needs, Wallace adds that most
employers will prefer hiring a new employee versus working to retrain a member of
the current workforce whose skills are not easily transferrable.
"Retailers are
trying to be as nimble as possible when it comes to the workforce. Most would
be inclined to hire someone fresh."

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