A leading Hungarian supplier of natural gas has approached AVER LEX with a request to save his UAH 38 million. Due to news about the bankruptcy of the Ukrainian buying company, the entrepreneur could lose his money. At the same time, a number of circumstances indicate that the debtor company was deliberately driven to bankruptcy by its beneficiaries and managers.

The situation was exacerbated by a time limit on submission of the application for recognition of creditors' claims as the application and the necessary documents from the client were received on the last day of the term.

Attorneys processed the information provided and immediately applied to the relevant authorities for acknowledgment of the Client's demand financial claims against the Ukrainian company-buyer of the sales contract.

As a result of the timely intervention of lawyers and providing qualified legal assistance court decided to benefit the client and fully admitted his creditor claims against the buyer.

Attorney Ivan Oskolkov and Legal Assistant Alexey Bokhan represented the client's interests under the leading of Senior Partner Vitaliy Serdyuk and Partner Volodymyr Yenich.

AVER LEX continues to act for the Client to protect his business interests.